IC Group offers cross-media print and marketing services. We’ve been creating innovative and cost-effective print and digital marketing campaigns since 1982. Our proven, comprehensive services can help you creatively and effectively connect with your customers—and leave lasting impressions.

Branding/Print Work

Help your audience find you—and remember you—using targeted and unique brand loyalty campaigns, including creative logo, stationery, and identity design.

Style Guides
Your company’s identity is the essence of a valuable brand. Manage and reinforce the value of your branding with a style guide that specifies the colors, typefaces, logos, imagery, patterns, and taglines—with concise and detailed explanations of how to easily implement the guidelines.

Investing in professional copywriting is like hiring one salesman to reach all of your customers! Encourage your prospective customers to take action with well-written, persuasive copy that sells.

Marketing Materials
Do your data sheets, white papers, product guides, catalogs, case studies, or point-of-purchase materials look professional? Do they demonstrate your product or service to their greatest advantage? Great-looking and easy-to-understand product literature should sell your brand creatively and showcase the value of your product or service.

Trade Shows
From large-format printing, to custom promotional products, trade shows and conferences provide an ideal opportunity to showcase and demonstrate your latest products and services with stunning print and promotional materials.

Package Design
Attract more customers and build your brand recognition with well-designed and interesting product packaging that gets people to buy, buy, buy.

Digital Marketing Services

Web-to-Print Portals
Retain control of your communications and help keep your brand integrity intact with exclusive IC Group web-to-print portals. These portals allow individual users in your organization to place orders for print materials, apparel, and more.

Web Development and Maintenance
Is your website user friendly? Is it easy to navigate and find information? Do the pages of your website load quickly? Your customers may love your products and services, but their opinion of your company is highly influenced by their experiences with your website. Maintain a strong online presence with developers who will ensure your site is functioning well and always up to date.

Email Marketing
Send newsletters, email campaigns, and product and service updates with email marketing tools that grow your business. Our automated email marketing tools provide measurable results using personal data that will save you time and money.

If you’re selling online, you need a strong e-commerce portal. IC Group offers shopping carts and a secure payment gateway featuring an intuitive administrative panel that can be managed by anyone, no IT specialist needed. There is no single “one-size-fits-all” e-commerce solution, so we build your business platform to meet your specific storefront needs. We even assess how those needs may change to ensure your e-commerce platform grows as your business grows.

Database Management and Marketing Automation
Spend less time dealing with data, and increase your bottom line by automating your databases. Our hands-off technology approach to marketing ensures you manage your data effectively and efficiently.

Social Media (B2B and B2C)
Social media marketing is valuable because it allows you to directly engage with your customers, build brand presence, and ultimately sell more products and services. Let us help you implement social media strategies and increase your ROI.

SEO Optimization
It’s hard to grow your business if people can’t find your business online. Make it easy for customers (whether they’re around the globe or local) and search engines to find your website with targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Landing Page Strategies
Drive potential customers to custom landing pages designed to maximize your messaging and provide clear calls-to-action that help you attract—and capture—new customer leads.

UI Design
Does your website’s interactive design, visual design, and information architecture give your customers what they’re looking for? We’ll analyze your website to ensure it’s easy for your customers to access, understand, and use. We’ll also work to anticipate what your customers want to accomplish when they visit your site.

Responsive Web Design
Is your website optimized for mobile use? Responsive and mobile design means higher customer satisfaction, and IC Group will ensure your site is user friendly, regardless of the device your customers are using.

Lead Management and Profiling

Data Mining and Lead Scoring
Effective lead/customer ranking is the key to effective marketing and increased profitability. We’ll help you use data mining and lead scoring techniques to rank your customers and discover the potential value each customer represents in your sales funnel.

Lead and Customer Profiling and Management
Who is your ideal customer? Effective marketing requires focused messaging, and effective customer profiling helps you create a more accurate portrait of your customers. Once you’ve identified specifics about who you’re targeting, you’ll have a much clearer direction about your product or service offerings and how to market them.

Loyalty Marketing Strategies
When you spend less to acquire new customers—and create programs that maintain loyal customers longer—you have the equation for profitability. We use customer retention analytics to ensure that you’re reaching customers at every touchpoint, as well as creating loyal customers, the central pillar of your marketing efforts.