Forms (and the information they contain) are the lifeblood of many organizations, whose business would not function without them. The challenge comes in creating, maintaining and managing a large volume of forms. IC Group’s Forms Management expertize can help you to streamline this often time-consuming and inefficient process.

Inventory reduction and decreased obsolescence

Business forms are a cost and rarely add directly to your bottom line profits. However, we can help you reduce your inventory, decrease obsolescence issues and improve your productivity. With over 60,000 square feet of warehouse space, we’ll manage your inventory making sure your products are always on hand. We’ll provide regular inventory reports and with our custom online ordering systems and same day pick & pack and dispatch, you’ll always feel in control.

Eliminating hidden costs

You may know how much you spend on printing a particular forms order or even your entire annual print spend on forms, but in addition to the “hard” print cost, many companies do not take into account the costs of procurement, internal storage and distribution, and subsequent printing and processing of their forms. A recent study by the National Business Forms Association (NBFA), a group of independent forms distributors, concluded that “for every dollar spent to purchase business forms, between $35 and $40 was spent to process that same form”. So take your forms expenditure and multiply it by 35 or 40 times and then it becomes clear that a free evaluation by IC Group of your forms requirements is certainly a worthwhile exercise!

Cost reduction

Before we put ink on the press, we’ll take a look at your current range of forms and offer our suggestions on how these could be improved. We might recommend a combo order for several different forms to reduce your cost or introduce an online ordering system to streamline the order process. We will even help you to re-engineer and design your entire forms library.

You can expect the odd question, too, like “The top copy goes to the client – do you really need all 3 remaining parts?” Our goal is to streamline your work flow, reduce your costs and increase your profitability.

Competitive pricing

Coupled with our modern and efficient manufacturing facilities, considerable raw materials cost saving can be achieved by IC Group’s purchasing power. It’s no surprise to learn that when our paper shipments come in by the full truckload due to our considerable buying power, our reduced paper costs are reflected in lower costs to you.