Thank you for attending the inaugural IC Group Spring15 Forum event.

Our Action Items

forumsketchGPA Indigo substrates

  • Redesign IC’s business cards so they more closely match the branding of our new website
  • When we print these redesigned business cards, use a variety of GPA stocks to showcase cool substrates
  • Produce a sample set of GPA stocks on the Indigo with our logo for sales to give to customers

Secure ticket printing

  • Create a marketing kit for our secure ticket services, including blank samples of RSL tickets, superman tickets, University sports tickets, Symphony/Opera tickets, lift resort coupon books, etc
  • Build a database of potential customers who require tickets, then market to them using Mindfire

IC Group’s Web-to-Print site

  • Targa Media to look at options to improve the look and feel (not functionality) of our website to make it more appealing to new customers

Wide Format

  • Add information on wide format to our new website
  • Consider creating a showroom to showcase wide format products (and possibly other print products too)

Open House

  • Consider hosting an open house at IC to talk with customers about Targa Media’s capabilities and marketing automation/Mindfire

IC Group’s marketing campaign / Mindfire

  • Give each salesperson access to a dashboard showing them their customers responses to our outbound communications (who is clicking, what are they clicking through on, who is opting out, etc)
  • Make sure our marketing campaign is cohesive and not a series of disjointed communications. Make sure they have an integrated look and feel when put side-by-side
  • Add our mission statement and value proposition to our new website