Prinergy “Workshop” & Preps Software
  • Drives costs out of every core function – job creation, collaboration, file processing, trapping, proofing, imposition and color management
  • Reduces delays by identifying errors before they become rework
  • Delivers best-in class output quality

Preflight+ is now more tightly integrated with Workshop. You are no longer required to manually export your profiles to your primary server. You can now create, edit, and delete Preflight+ profiles in Preflight+ Profile Manager. Access Preflight+ Profile Manager from the Tools menu in the Workshop UI of Prinergy Workflow.

In the Refine process template, when you decide to save the Preflight+ report as a PDF file, you can now select whether the report includes the overview (a summary of the problems found during the preflight process), the details per page (each page with its preflight comments), or both.

When you request a PDF Preflight+ report of an input file, the system keeps a copy of the full report and also page-specific reports. Each of these reports contains copies of the actual PDF pages you refined. In the Refine process template, you can now choose to delete the full report from the Prinergy server.

ColorFlow enhancements

A new, simplified curve builder tool has been added to Kodak ColorFlow 7.5 to provide an easy-to-use tool for editing your existing curves or creating new ones. Users currently measuring targets and using Kodak Harmony for curve creation should start using ColorFlow for new curve creation. Users who are creating Harmony curves based on a spreadsheet of numbers should continue to use Harmony for this type of curve creation. To learn about ColorFlow and its new simplified curve builder tool, see the ColorFlow documentation.

Upgrade to Oracle 12
  • For keeping a record of previous litho jobs that we’ve run
  • Improved digital printing integration increases flexibility and cuts costs
  • A single prepress workflow for both offset and digital: maximizes efficiency and turnaround time because operators can now direct a job’s output without reworking files
  • Universal Digital Job Ticket Editor: the industry’s first workflow that lets operators make production decisions in real time
  • Expanded partnerships with 3rd party digital press manufacturers: PRINERGY Workflow software is customized enabling an advanced level of automation
  • Digital integration: fully leverage offset and digital presses for the most cost effective results