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Spotlight: Dan Lake on Marketing Automation

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Dan Lake IC Group

Dan Lake

Chief Technology Officer, IC Group

If you’d enjoy working with a marketing partner who is pleasant, cheerful and has a can-do attitude, Dan Lake is your man. He’s a pleasure to work with and he keeps things positive at IC Group. To get to know Dan a little better, we asked him a few questions. Here’s some of our conversation:

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and your association with IC Group.
A: I’m married. We have five kids and five grandkids. I started with IC Group in August 1984 while attending college. I loved the people and the company so I stayed when I graduated from Weber State University in 1986 in Business Management. My roles at IC Group have included designing and managing software projects and systems for customers and production. I enjoy working with clients and figuring out better ways, or an automated way, to solve a problem.

Q: What are some benefits to companies using marketing automation software solutions offered by IC Group?
A: With MindFire companies can create customized solutions that meet the specific need of the vertical market they specialize in. Marketers can create campaigns that gather data about individuals’ interests and deliver multi-touch messages that are in line with those specific interests for personalization and relevance. Companies can manage multi-channel campaigns with precision timing, consistency of the message, with ease, and all from a single source.

With MarcomCentral companies with multiple locations and users have a web-to-print solution and a distribution and fulfillment solution. It also includes inventory and warehouse management. In addition, companies will have brand consistency because users will only be able to design and order items that are approved.

Companies using Snailworks can track their mail from first scan, last scan and delivery. Companies know when their mail will arrive. It helps them staff call centers or expect replies. They will have outbound mail tracking and reporting, inbound/reply mail tracking and reporting and IMb file coding¡unique numbering on tracked mail and deliveries that can trigger follow-up communications. Snailworks is a simple and powerful tool to track mail.

Q: What type of clients do you envision using one of these platforms? Is there a size in mind (pieces or budget)?
A: We’re excited to offer both MarcomCentral and MindFire Studio to our existing and prospective clients of all sizes. These applications are scalable; therefore, no one should think their organization is too small or can’t afford these powerful solutions. We want to talk to you.

Q: Have you ever frowned?
A: I have frowned, but I find it much more gratifying to smile. Life is much more enjoyable when you smile, work hard, enjoy what you do and appreciate the people you associate with.

If you’re interested in speaking with Dan about the exciting technology offerings at IC Group, contact him at 801-265-8100, ext. 111, or by email at [email protected]. You can also connect with Dan on LinkedIn.

Nurturing Client Relationships with MindFire

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If you’re looking to acquire new customers and build loyalty with existing ones, we’ll help you improve your response and conversion efforts.

IC Group is excited to announce that we are offering MindFire Studio® to new and existing clients. What does that mean? It means all your marketing efforts can be coordinated from one application.

MindFire Studio is a cloud-based application that allows you to take your creative marketing ideas, build them into data-driven multi-channel marketing campaigns, and launch them in one integrated platform. Visually create highly personalized campaign workflows and orchestrate multiple channels like direct mail, email, social media, SMS text messaging, voice and microsites.

Now don’t think we’re going to leave you alone to figure this out. Our team of experts will assist you and your organization in getting your messaging to your clients and prospects — how and when they’d like. We also offer creative services from design to copywriting. Contact your current IC Group sales representative to set up an appointment to discuss how IC Group can implement MindFire Studio to benefit your organization.

The Era of On-Demand Marketing Collateral

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Customize your collateral, not your brand.

Is your company one that struggles with a rogue sales staff, distributors or franchisees that create their own marketing materials? Maybe you’re finding your team members abandoning corporate collateral and messaging? Or… perhaps they’ve never taken advantage of existing approved materials. IC Group would like to help you rein in your free spirits by offering MarcomCentral®.

MarcomCentral is a web-based marketing asset management tool that helps businesses centralize, localize and distribute materials, including customizable brochures and cross-media campaigns. It begins by creating a web portal where team members come to create their own branded and approved customized marketing materials. Once the materials have been ordered, IC Group produces and ships them to each location or individual.

IC Group would like to be more than your print provider — we want to be your marketing partner. We’d be happy to assist in setting up your portal, educating your team, and showing you how to create and collect assets. If you’re interested in exploring how MarcomCentral can benefit your organization, contact your current IC Group sales representative.

IC Group Installs Two HP Wide Format Presses To Support Customer Growth

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To support increasing demand for wide format services from its clients, IC Group has installed two HP wide format presses at its Salt Lake City headquarters. This addition to IC Group’s impressive range of equipment further enhances its ability to provide a truly diverse range of products and services to existing and new clients.

In an ever crowded marketplace where companies are vying for the attention of their consumers, the importance of brand reinforcement and messaging are critical, especially at the point of purchase. IC Group is helping its customers get noticed by providing an end-to-end suite of services, from design to distribution, of exhibition and trade show signage, vehicle graphics, indoor and outdoor signage and a wide range of specialty applications including retail point of purchase display materials.

utah wide format printingIC Group’s new equipment uses the latest technology to print with incredible image quality on a wide variety of rigid and flexible materials that can be displayed on windows and walls, floors and ceilings, both indoor and outdoor.

Erik Aase, IC Group’s Continuous Improvement Manager notes, “By complementing our existing small format HP Indigo presses with our two new HP wide format devices, we are able to offer our clients color consistency on all their print output across rigid, vinyl and paper media and substrates.”

From producing a single banner to building a customized web-to-print portal for multiple locations with warehousing and fulfillment on the back end, IC Group’s forward thinking solutions are focused on delivering tangible results for its clients as they compete in an evolving marketplace.

For additional information visit our Wide Format Graphics page.

IC Group Invests in UV Coating Equipment and Color Management Software

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After investing over three quarters of a million dollars in brand new equipment in 2014, IC Group continues to add to its capabilities with the following two additional investments early in 2015.

UV coater for offset and digitally printed documents
This installation provides additional flexibility and faster turnaround times for clients who want a high quality gloss or satin UV-coated finish for their marketing materials, enhancing the richness of color and offering additional durability and protection from scratching and scuffing.

“As digital communications have become somewhat ubiquitous, savvy marketers are realizing the value of a premium printed communication in the hands of their clients and prospects,” Dave Loach, VP Business Development said. “UV coating can really add additional impact and vibrancy and enhance the value of a wide variety of printed marketing collateral.”

Oris Lynx color management software
This investment enhances to a truly professional level IC Group’s ability to insure accurate and repeatable color management in our pressroom. Oris Lynx is the world’s first cloud based color management solution. Its integrated measurement capabilities provide a stable, consistent color quality output for the most demanding color-critical applications.