IC Group Invests in UV Coating Equipment and Color Management Software

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After investing over three quarters of a million dollars in brand new equipment in 2014, IC Group continues to add to its capabilities with the following two additional investments early in 2015.

UV coater for offset and digitally printed documents
This installation provides additional flexibility and faster turnaround times for clients who want a high quality gloss or satin UV-coated finish for their marketing materials, enhancing the richness of color and offering additional durability and protection from scratching and scuffing.

“As digital communications have become somewhat ubiquitous, savvy marketers are realizing the value of a premium printed communication in the hands of their clients and prospects,” Dave Loach, VP Business Development said. “UV coating can really add additional impact and vibrancy and enhance the value of a wide variety of printed marketing collateral.”

Oris Lynx color management software
This investment enhances to a truly professional level IC Group’s ability to insure accurate and repeatable color management in our pressroom. Oris Lynx is the world’s first cloud based color management solution. Its integrated measurement capabilities provide a stable, consistent color quality output for the most demanding color-critical applications.