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The Era of On-Demand Marketing Collateral

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Customize your collateral, not your brand.

Is your company one that struggles with a rogue sales staff, distributors or franchisees that create their own marketing materials? Maybe you’re finding your team members abandoning corporate collateral and messaging? Or… perhaps they’ve never taken advantage of existing approved materials. IC Group would like to help you rein in your free spirits by offering MarcomCentral®.

MarcomCentral is a web-based marketing asset management tool that helps businesses centralize, localize and distribute materials, including customizable brochures and cross-media campaigns. It begins by creating a web portal where team members come to create their own branded and approved customized marketing materials. Once the materials have been ordered, IC Group produces and ships them to each location or individual.

IC Group would like to be more than your print provider — we want to be your marketing partner. We’d be happy to assist in setting up your portal, educating your team, and showing you how to create and collect assets. If you’re interested in exploring how MarcomCentral can benefit your organization, contact your current IC Group sales representative.