Creating stunning printed material since 1982.


When communicating with your clients and prospects your marketing materials must be bold, professional and of the highest quality. If they look good, then your company will too.
Marketing your business is all about elevating yourself above your competitors. Your marketing collateral and Direct Mail campaigns are often the first impression your target audience gets of your company. Excellent print increases your customer’s confidence in what you do so it is essential that your printed material conveys the right impression each and every time.

Don’t worry, we watch the details

At IC Group, we pay attention to the details so your customers pay attention to your business.

Key benefits of using IC Group for your next print project:

  • Premier service and quality through our continued investment in technology and people.
  • In-house job tracking keeps your orders on schedule
  • Costs are contained and complete control of your work is achieved by our in-house prepress, print, bindery, warehousing and fulfillment capabilities
  • Your printed products and data are safe in our secure facility

Commitment to quality

Our continuous improvement program is successful because of the participation of all of our employees, not just our managers in the concept of quality.
We have an enviable customer retention record, simply because we have recruited a dynamic and hard-working team of highly skilled staff who are committed to achieving complete customer satisfaction for each and every one of our customers.
IC Group is dedicated to providing high quality print at competitive pricing with the speed of turnaround and customer service levels that are second to none in our industry.

Full in-house bindery facilities

Unlike many print companies that outsource much of their finishing requirements and therefore lose control of the order on the home straight, IC Group continues to invest in our modern bindery to provide a full range of in-house finishing services to our clients.

Project management and fulfillment

With an extensive production facility in Salt Lake City and satellite sales and production facilities across the western United States IC Group is a modern, progressive company whose reputation for quality continues to grow. We offer a full range of services from color printing to complete project management.
We’ll print and manage your complex projects in the tightest deadlines, offering in-house warehousing and fulfillment, including custom kit assembly. We’ll be your partner, using our knowledge of paper stocks, inks, coating and finishing techniques to help put your ideas on paper with maximum effect.
We are more than just a print company. If you are looking to push the boundaries of your marketing collateral, get more out of your marketing budget and communicate more effectively with your customers then call IC Group – we’d love to help.


With IC Group’s digital print capabilities, you have the ability to send a unique mailer to every one of your customers, with an attention grabbing headline, personalized copy and full color images that change for every customer. Our HP Indigo digital presses offer the highest quality results and are great for shorter run lengths as well as variable date projects.


Case studies from around the industry reflect the reality of this practice over and over again. So while VDP (variable data print) can cost more on a per-piece basis, when viewed from the perspective of return on investment (ROI), which is the overall campaign cost versus revenues taken in, a well-executed one-to-one campaign with IC Group can generate exceptional results.

One-to-one communication

A sports department store might have the best offer on fishing rods anywhere on the planet, but if most of the recipients of a postcard highlighting its latest promotion are not fishermen, chances are they won’t get many bites. Regardless of how great the new 8-seat minivan looks in the glossy brochure that just dropped through Jane’s mailbox, as a single 25-year-old female with no children, she’s going to drop it straight in the trash. Now if only the dealership had mailed her the brochure featuring the new 2-seat sports convertible that she’s looking to purchase. The same dealer might increase service revenues by sending out tune-up reminders at the appropriate times, based on the model and purchase date of their customers’ vehicles.


This is the process of creating unique marketing documents, not for individuals, but for different retail outlets, branches or other locations. Take the circular for a grocery store chain. Instead of running a single circular for the entire region, the chain might want to create a circular for each store with discounts “personalized” to the store based on its inventory. Instead of printing a run of 100,000, the chain might print 20 runs of 5,000 based on the store’s individual needs.

The power of relevance

As smart marketers know, just throwing data at marketing problems doesn’t solve them. The data is only useful as far as it creates relevance to the user. Printing someone’s name and address on a piece doesn’t in itself motivate recipients to action. But take the same information and create a full-color postcard with a relevant message: “Julie, you are only two miles from an incredible discount on the hottest shoes!” Now you have data that motivates to action. The same data used differently creates a completely different response. IC Group will help you harness the power of relevance.


Industry estimates put print spending at over $100 billion per year in the U.S., with the average company spending between 1-3% of its total revenue on document production, storage and distribution, retrieval and repurposing. IC Group is helping companies just like yours to examine their print purchasing in an effort to streamline, simplify and automate the entire process and identify opportunities to reduce cost. We’ll help you regain control of your overall print spending while providing seamless production, on-time delivery and the highest level of quality and customer service.
The key benefits of our service include:


  • Unlike most Print Management companies, who are simply acting as a broker, IC Group is a full-service print company, with all of the necessary resources, expertise and facilities in-house.
  • A reduction in your overall print costs and “maverick” expenditure, as print is channeled through approved sources.
  • Improved quality, service and delivery.
  • Your brand integrity is consistently maintained.
  • Your production costs will decrease as your productivity increases, when you are able to confidently hand over each project for us to manage, leaving you free from handling day-to-day print orders to concentrate on your core tasks.
  • We’ll manage your inventory and help you track your spending on print and mailing services.
  • Our web-based technology provides you with increased efficiencies and productivity, consolidated and customized monthly billing options and full management reports.

Custom programs for each client

We’ll start by listening to your issues and concerns then develop a program around your specific goals and requirements, from multi-location online ordering capabilities to inventory control and reporting. We’ll make recommendations on paper, ink, varnishing and finishing techniques, generating ideas on how to increase the effectiveness of your marketing materials and identifying cost reduction opportunities. Regular meetings and open dialogue ensure we are consistently meeting or exceeding your requirements and KPI’s (key performance indicators).

Cost reduction

Within many companies, different departments, branches or business units are often buying similar services from different suppliers (or even the same supplier) at different prices, missing out on potential savings. IC Group will help you to leverage your purchasing power and consolidate these orders and ultimately you’ll benefit from reduced costs, improved quality and service and increased productivity.


Forms (and the information they contain) are the lifeblood of many organizations, whose business would not function without them. The challenge comes in creating, maintaining and managing a large volume of forms. IC Group’s Forms Management expertize can help you to streamline this often time-consuming and inefficient process.

Inventory reduction and decreased obsolescence

Business forms are a cost and rarely add directly to your bottom line profits. However, we can help you reduce your inventory, decrease obsolescence issues and improve your productivity. With over 60,000 square feet of warehouse space, we’ll manage your inventory making sure your products are always on hand. We’ll provide regular inventory reports and with our custom online ordering systems and same day pick & pack and dispatch, you’ll always feel in control.

Eliminating hidden costs

You may know how much you spend on printing a particular forms order or even your entire annual print spend on forms, but in addition to the “hard” print cost, many companies do not take into account the costs of procurement, internal storage and distribution, and subsequent printing and processing of their forms. A recent study by the National Business Forms Association (NBFA), a group of independent forms distributors, concluded that “for every dollar spent to purchase business forms, between $35 and $40 was spent to process that same form”. So take your forms expenditure and multiply it by 35 or 40 times and then it becomes clear that a free evaluation by IC Group of your forms requirements is certainly a worthwhile exercise!

Cost reduction

Before we put ink on the press, we’ll take a look at your current range of forms and offer our suggestions on how these could be improved. We might recommend a combo order for several different forms to reduce your cost or introduce an online ordering system to streamline the order process. We will even help you to re-engineer and design your entire forms library.

You can expect the odd question, too, like “The top copy goes to the client – do you really need all 3 remaining parts?” Our goal is to streamline your work flow, reduce your costs and increase your profitability.

Competitive pricing

Coupled with our modern and efficient manufacturing facilities, considerable raw materials cost saving can be achieved by IC Group’s purchasing power. It’s no surprise to learn that when our paper shipments come in by the full truckload due to our considerable buying power, our reduced paper costs are reflected in lower costs to you.


Looking for higher response rates and measurable results? Want to successfully bridge the gap between Direct Mail and the Web? Read on….
IC Group will help you implement more effective marketing campaigns. Committed to providing the best strategies and innovative marketing solutions, IC Group utilizes effective marketing tools that will generate higher response rates, measurable results and more relevant messages for your company.

Convert more leads

IC Group will help you to:
Link the powerful impact of personalized Direct Mail with the interactive capabilities of the internet through e-mail, personalized URLs and QR codes.
Convert more Direct Mail recipients into qualified prospects and valuable customers by driving them to the web to respond.
Automate the creation, management and real-time tracking of your next marketing campaign.

Personalized URLs (PURLs) and QR codes

The two main advantages to sending your clients directly to a personalized landing page instead of your homepage are:
Instead of every visitor to your web site arriving at the same home page and wondering “where do I go from here?”, each respondent who visits their PURL lands on a page created just for them, which can include a personalized welcome, content and offers relevant to them.
Once they visit their PURL, IC Group can notify you (in real-time if preferred) that this particular recipient has responded to your communication, allowing you to focus on, and follow up with, your warmest prospects!

Customer intelligence

The customer intelligence we provide will become a vital part of your marketing strategy throughout the entire process of customer acquisition, retention and loyalty, helping you:

  • Increase and improve the quality of your leads.
  • Increase your marketing campaign ROI
  • Align your sales and marketing processes
  • Increase response rates
  • Provide an additional, inexpensive touchpoint with your customers and prospects
  • Provide valuable marketing analysis and PURL tracking

Development, implementation and analytics

We’ll sit down with you to determine your specific goals and requirements, then come up with a simple implementation plan and pricing. We’ll take care of everything for you, from the initial programming, landing page set up and URL purchase, assigning the PURLs for each campaign, all the way through to providing you with the analytics on the back end. If you want to capture additional customer data via a fillable form, no problem! We can even provide additional services such as web hosting, custom HTML programming and graphic design.
If you want to increase the success of your future campaigns, stretch your marketing dollars and ultimately generate additional revenue for your company, contact IC Group. We’re here to help you achieve your goals.


At IC Group, we understand that our clients need to differentiate their brand and their products in an increasingly crowded marketplace and, in order to achieve this, effective packaging needs two critical elements. Firstly, it has to engage the customer, compete for their attention and connect on an emotional level with consumers rather than commoditizing the product.
Secondly, it needs to perform its function flawlessly, from tamper-evident packaging on a secure gift card to simply protecting the product inside during distribution and handling.

Prototype development

Using our years of experience in developing and producing high quality packaging, our creative print and design service will guide you through each process. We’ll help you select the right materials, provide precise prototypes, samples and proofs using CAD software and recommend the perfect combination of varnishing, coating, laminating, embossing and foil finishes to create stunning results.
We provide cost-effective solutions for every size of project, from small runs requiring a fast turnaround to large volumes including those with complex multiple version changes.

Litho and digital print options

Our 6 color Heidelberg Speedmaster presses with closed loop color spectrophotometry produce consistently stunning results on a wide range of substrates and foils up to 24 pt.
Offering the highest quality offset-like quality on the market, our HP Indigo 6 color digital presses run up to 18 pt. stock and are ideal for:

  • Samples, prototypes and test runs
  • Promotional, seasonal, new product launches, end-of-life products
  • Low-volume SKUs
  • Versionalized packaging such as a Spanish-language version that may account for 10-15% of the overall print volume
  • Higher-end applications, where packaging features photos or images that would not reproduce as well on flexo or gravure
  • Orders where speed to market is a factor

Once your work is printed, our fulfillment team is highly experienced in multi-component kitting, with a flexible workforce who can accommodate complex projects with tight deadlines and distribution to tens, hundreds or even thousands of locations.
We can reduce your on-site inventory levels by warehousing and releasing your orders to meet your production schedules.

We do it all

We’ve handled all shapes and sizes of promotional packing, including:

  • Stand-up floor displays
  • Shelf, countertop and mobile hanging displays and wobblers
  • Brochure holders
  • Cartons
  • Mailing envelopes
  • Box sleeves
  • Display and point of sale (POS)
  • Header cards
  • Presentation boxes
  • Hang tags, CD/DVD/Media


Since our inception in 1982 IC Group has served many financial and commercial institutions, providing high quality business and software compatible banking products with easy ordering channels, a fast production timeframe and competitive pricing. IC Group also offers deposit slips, business forms, double window mailing envelopes, endorsement stamps, register books and personalized promotional products.

Business Checks

Banks trust IC Group for reliable MICR quality – and that’s an endorsement that you can literally take to the bank. IC Group offers a full line of checks in the most popular formats for business, including:

  • Laser checks
  • Continuous checks
  • Three-to-a-page checks
  • Voucher checks
  • Executive checks

Computer Checks

We have compatible checks for all of the popular accounting software programs, including Quicken, QuickBooks, Peachtree and Sage. Quality laser and continuous checks from IC Group can help you get the best performance possible from your accounting software. Our range of computer checks includes:

  • Accounts Payable Checks
  • Payroll Checks
  • General Disbursement Checks
  • Multi-Purpose Checks

Security features to fight fraud

Defend your business against check counterfeiting and fraud. IC Group’s computer checks and manual business checks use a rigorous check protection system that EXCEEDS industry guidelines. Our checks feature multiple security devices for your protection, such as copy-resistant microprints and security screens, chemical tamper-resistant security paper and a warning box with authentication instructions. IC Group checks are in full compliance with standards set forth by the Check Payment Systems Association.


Benefit from cost savings, faster turnaround, fewer errors, tighter brand management and streamlined workflows with IC Group web-to-print solutions.
Here’s the challenge: You need to spend more time on strategic marketing initiatives and projects that add to your bottom line, and less time on administration and day-to-day print orders. You want to enable individual users within your organization to place their own orders but still retain control of your overall communications and keep your brand integrity intact.

Empower locally while controlling globally

IC Group has the solution: Our web-to-print online ordering service allows you to “empower locally but control globally”, decentralizing day to day print ordering to the multiple users that are closest to your customers: branch staff, sales representatives, call centers, franchisees, etc. while allowing you to maintain brand consistency on all of your company’s marketing collateral, from business cards to brochures.
For example, if your business operates in several locations, you can create pre-designed templates with specific areas of text and images that can be edited and personalized by local users. You determine which elements your users can (and cannot) change, and the quantities that they can order.

Customized web-to-print portals

We’ll build a portal for you, branded with your company logo and color scheme. Users won’t need any additional software, just an internet browser. We’ll provide a password for each user and Marketing Administrator to ensure security.
You are always in control of what is available to order on the site, who is authorized to order, how many of each item can be ordered, etc. Both the user and the administrator can elect to receive a confirmation email after each order is placed for complete peace of mind.

Fast and simple ordering for any user

You’ll find ordering online with IC Group amazingly easy – no special skills or training are required, but we always have friendly and experienced customer service representatives ready to answer your calls if you do need any assistance.

Many benefits in forward thinking print solutions

  • Saves time: instant quotes, instant proofs, order online
  • Saves money: print on demand to reduce inventory, distribution and production costs
  • Convenient: order 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world
  • Simple: No special software requirements, just an internet connection
  • Accessible: all locations can connect to one central print center
  • Online proofing: no waiting for proofs to arrive. We generate an instant proof for you to check on-screen and, once approved, a print-ready, hi-resolution file is sent directly to our print department.
  • Instant job tracking: Shipping information, directly linked to UPS at your fingertips
  • Order history: Makes it easy to look up and reorder previous transactions
  • Centralized reporting: track spending by branch, sales representative, cost center or by product
  • Easy payment: consolidated billing or credit card processing – you choose!
  • Ideal for: frequently ordered items such as business cards, localized versions with different addresses and content that frequently needs updating, such as price lists.