Benefit from cost savings, faster turnaround, fewer errors, tighter brand management and streamlined workflows with IC Group web-to-print solutions.
Here’s the challenge: You need to spend more time on strategic marketing initiatives and projects that add to your bottom line, and less time on administration and day-to-day print orders. You want to enable individual users within your organization to place their own orders but still retain control of your overall communications and keep your brand integrity intact.

Empower locally while controlling globally

IC Group has the solution: Our web-to-print online ordering service allows you to “empower locally but control globally”, decentralizing day to day print ordering to the multiple users that are closest to your customers: branch staff, sales representatives, call centers, franchisees, etc. while allowing you to maintain brand consistency on all of your company’s marketing collateral, from business cards to brochures.
For example, if your business operates in several locations, you can create pre-designed templates with specific areas of text and images that can be edited and personalized by local users. You determine which elements your users can (and cannot) change, and the quantities that they can order.

Customized web-to-print portals

We’ll build a portal for you, branded with your company logo and color scheme. Users won’t need any additional software, just an internet browser. We’ll provide a password for each user and Marketing Administrator to ensure security.
You are always in control of what is available to order on the site, who is authorized to order, how many of each item can be ordered, etc. Both the user and the administrator can elect to receive a confirmation email after each order is placed for complete peace of mind.

Fast and simple ordering for any user

You’ll find ordering online with IC Group amazingly easy – no special skills or training are required, but we always have friendly and experienced customer service representatives ready to answer your calls if you do need any assistance.

Many benefits in forward thinking print solutions

  • Saves time: instant quotes, instant proofs, order online
  • Saves money: print on demand to reduce inventory, distribution and production costs
  • Convenient: order 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world
  • Simple: No special software requirements, just an internet connection
  • Accessible: all locations can connect to one central print center
  • Online proofing: no waiting for proofs to arrive. We generate an instant proof for you to check on-screen and, once approved, a print-ready, hi-resolution file is sent directly to our print department.
  • Instant job tracking: Shipping information, directly linked to UPS at your fingertips
  • Order history: Makes it easy to look up and reorder previous transactions
  • Centralized reporting: track spending by branch, sales representative, cost center or by product
  • Easy payment: consolidated billing or credit card processing – you choose!
  • Ideal for: frequently ordered items such as business cards, localized versions with different addresses and content that frequently needs updating, such as price lists.