Rely on our rigorous commitment to excellence

Ever forward-thinking and focused on streamlined solutions, our processes are designed to support both your smallest and biggest needs (and everything in between).

Adapting on time and with purpose

Our DNA consists of a passion for continuous improvement and precision in everything we do. From small tasks to intricate processes, our numerous programs ensure efficiency and reduce costs for every client we work with.

Delivering creative, impactful solutions

Intentional evolution has kept us at the forefront of our industry. More importantly, it’s allowed us to bring multi-faceted solutions and products to our clients’ businesses and bottom lines.

SOC 2 Certification

We’ve achieved information security’s most stringent certification. Rest assured your customers’ information will be protected at every stage of the print and mail process, from basic contact information to highly personalized data.

Lean, Continuous Improvement, Kaizen, and 5S Process

Our commitment to excellence means exceptional things for our clients – and not only those in highly regulated industries. Our processes and team are dedicated to providing defect-free results, regardless of your industry, project size, customer base, timelines, or budget.

HIPAA Compliant Secure Facility

Our meticulous adherence to HIPAA laws and secure facility processes ensures the safety, accuracy, and delivery of your customers’ confidential health care data.

World class execution designed for your industry

From the people we employ to the processes we practice, our breadth of experience brings simple answers to complex challenges. Rely on our industry experts’ proficiency in the changing and ever-growing needs of:
“IC Group has been a supportive, collaborative, productive, professional, proactive, and overall joy of a print partner to our business. Since day one, IC Group has practiced what they preach by setting us up for success and always viewing our processes and projects from a scalable perspective. They continue to impress us with the amount of work they are willing to take on, how quickly they learn and take changes on board, and their incredible attention to detail and commitment to our account. Our business is better because of their dedication and expertise, and we look forward to tackling more together.”
Erica Z.

We’re Up for the Challenge

Tell us about your most pressing needs. We’ll share how we can solve them.