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Get more from your most important communications with our customized document solutions.

Data security and accuracy

Our team is equipped with more than 40 years of experience managing highly sensitive documents, establishing a reputation that’s made us a sought-after printing partner in the most regulated spaces. From simple communications to multi-touchpoint needs, your data’s security is our unwavering, certification-backed promise. 

SOC 2 Certified Partner

IC Group earned its SOC 2 Certification in 2021. It is our most recent milestone in the ever-improving data security processes we operate by that often exceed our and our clients’ industry regulations and standards. 

Trusted by Leaders In

  • Healthcare
  • Higher education
  • Mortgage
  • Banking
  • Credit unions
  • Government entities
  • Technology
  • Home services
  • And many more

Unmatched service and security, regardless of volume

We print and mail millions of secure documents from our facility every month – all while maintaining precise deadlines, printing standards, and industry-leading accuracy. 

Secure Document Services

No two organizations have the same set of secure printing and mailing needs. While these are some of the most common areas we address, we regularly establish custom printing packages for clients with unique and/or changing needs

Mailed and electronic delivery options to meet your business’ needs

Whether you require physical document delivery, electronic document delivery, or a hybrid of both, our customizable options will get your communications to your customers in the appropriate format.

Your partner in document strategy

We understand the significant financial investment our clients make in secure print and mail. We’re here to help you see higher returns with every touchpoint.

We’ll work with you to evaluate your document needs, craft or adjust your documents’ designs to increase impact, and strategize special inclusions, language, and marketing messaging that will improve desired outcomes.

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