With IC Group’s digital print capabilities, you have the ability to send a unique mailer to every one of your customers, with an attention grabbing headline, personalized copy and full color images that change for every customer. Our HP Indigo digital presses offer the highest quality results and are great for shorter run lengths as well as variable date projects.


Case studies from around the industry reflect the reality of this practice over and over again. So while VDP (variable data print) can cost more on a per-piece basis, when viewed from the perspective of return on investment (ROI), which is the overall campaign cost versus revenues taken in, a well-executed one-to-one campaign with IC Group can generate exceptional results.

One-to-one communication

A sports department store might have the best offer on fishing rods anywhere on the planet, but if most of the recipients of a postcard highlighting its latest promotion are not fishermen, chances are they won’t get many bites. Regardless of how great the new 8-seat minivan looks in the glossy brochure that just dropped through Jane’s mailbox, as a single 25-year-old female with no children, she’s going to drop it straight in the trash. Now if only the dealership had mailed her the brochure featuring the new 2-seat sports convertible that she’s looking to purchase. The same dealer might increase service revenues by sending out tune-up reminders at the appropriate times, based on the model and purchase date of their customers’ vehicles.


This is the process of creating unique marketing documents, not for individuals, but for different retail outlets, branches or other locations. Take the circular for a grocery store chain. Instead of running a single circular for the entire region, the chain might want to create a circular for each store with discounts “personalized” to the store based on its inventory. Instead of printing a run of 100,000, the chain might print 20 runs of 5,000 based on the store’s individual needs.

The power of relevance

As smart marketers know, just throwing data at marketing problems doesn’t solve them. The data is only useful as far as it creates relevance to the user. Printing someone’s name and address on a piece doesn’t in itself motivate recipients to action. But take the same information and create a full-color postcard with a relevant message: “Julie, you are only two miles from an incredible discount on the hottest shoes!” Now you have data that motivates to action. The same data used differently creates a completely different response. IC Group will help you harness the power of relevance.